Monday, 25 March 2013

Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick in Shade no 853 Chilli Review and Swatch

Hello Ladies,

Hope you are doing fantastic!!! It’s almost a week now I have been away, but I am back for good!! Before going for a trip I had done a post on Max Factor MiniHaul, so today I am reviewing the products from the same haul.

Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick in Shade no 853 Chilli

Price = 5.5 R.O (Omani Rials) Approx 770 Rs Normal Lipstick Quantity
Made in Ireland

What Company Claims:

Max Factor Lasting Colour Lipstick’s moist, lip smoothing formula takes one application and gives the long-lasting, soft, smooth and rich lip colour you love but here’s the trick – instead of having to re-apply your lipstick every few hours, a simple press of the lips freshens and renews your colour instantly – it’s like having your own personal make-up artist with you all day long!

·         Provides lasting colour without dryness
·         Gives maximum colour fidelity
·         Resists feathering into fine lines
·         Contains emollients to moisturize and condition the lips
·         Fragrance free
·         Contains double colour boosters
·         For a professional finish, apply lip liner to define lips and use a brush to apply lip colour

 My Opinion on the Product:

The Lipstick  is really very much pigmented, it does moisturize the lips and seems to give an orangey pink finish on my lips, while picking up the product and doing a swatch on my wrist, I thought it would be red with a orangey tint in it.

It has some shimmers but those are not much visible in day light.
Max Factor Colour Elixir lipsticks are available in 15 shades and cost a very reasonable.
The lipstick consistency is lovely, not sticky or dry but a nice texture that glides onto your lips

What I love about this lipstick:
1.      It goes on smoothly and evenly, not too creamy and smudgy, but also not dry.
2.      Doesn't get much drier over time, like a lot of lipsticks do.
3.      Doesn't smudge or bleed during wearing.
4.      Inexpensive
          Pics Removed in Sunlight

 What you might not find so great about it:
1.      It has somewhat sweet smell to it, which some people might not like.
2.      The colour choice is a bit restricted a lot of similar shades.
3.      Not really Long-lasting whereas i am now looking for long lasting ones.

Would I recommend?
As for this lipstick, it's a sheer, moisturizing that became my go-to lip product for a couple days of the trip. It’s well worth the money. I'm getting Rosewood for daytime, and then stocking up on both. :)

LBA Rating:
2.5 / 5

Thanks for reading me and do let me know, which works and which doesn’t and also share in your bits below in the comment section.
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