About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog, Look Beautiful Always!

Who Am I?

My name is Hema Lijesh, owner and author of this blog. I'm from the Mumbai , India. I'm a Sindhi married to a South Indian - Malayali and residing in Muscat, Oman. I have done my Masters in Human Resources Management. I am a total foodie of south indian cuisine and a make-up lover, a shopaholic with a zeal for writing.

I am not an MUA (Make-up Artist) but I am a huge shopper of cosmetics.

Why Did You Start Look Beautiful Always? 

This blog is about my love for makeup and cosmetics. A year or two ago I started reading blogs, random blogs and gradually beauty & lifestyle blogs, so I thought of starting my blog too as I was always fascinated by the world of Cosmetics, Beauty and Makeup so I created this blog called Look Beautiful Always and have been blogging on it past couple of Months now, it's slowly but surely progressing.

What Is Look Beautiful Always all about?
LBA is a mixture of Beauty Products reviews, tutorials on Eye Makeup and Beauty Tips. I prefer to write about the things I liked, the things I'd purchased & other opinions on products in general. All the products are purchased from my money unless it is mentioned.

Hope you enjoy visiting the site! 

Thank You to everyone who takes their time out to read and comment and shows concern in the things that I have to say, I will continue writing and posting reviews and videos as long as you continue to read and watch them. Unless stated otherwise, all photos and opinions are my own.


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