Sunday, 2 June 2013

Garnier Skin Naturals Light Oil Control Fairness Cream Review

Hello Ladies,

Today is a Sunday, for some it is a lazy Day and for some of you guys it’s a fun day, but for me it’s a working day here in Oman, anyways let’s get to the Subject, In Middle East Countries i.e UAE, OMAN, QATAR etc there are only two seasons Summers and Winters, sometimes we do get rain showers in Winters but most of the time it is Real Hot here, so the products which we get here are totally depending on the weather conditions.

I am today going to give you a very good example of a Product which I used earlier when I was in India and today when I am here in Oman. It is Garnier Skin Naturals Light Oil Control Fairness Cream.

I am fond of some Garnier Products, but I personally never liked this particular product earlier because I have combination skin which tends to get oily in some hours. I wanted one such cream with a SPF under my foundation to keep my skin matte. I finally thought of trying this product again and honestly I was not expecting it would even give me good results. I don’t worry about my skin color and texture, because I am happy with it but everyone do have some spots or redness and to cut that flaw we keep on trying different products. So when I was buying this cream the only thing kept running in my mind was keeping my skin matte for longer hours.

Lets Start with Product Claims:

If you have an oily and dull skin with acne marks. Now you can fix them all. Garnier light oil control fairness cream makes your skin fairer, visibly lighten acne marks and reduces excess oil. Perfectly clarified, your skin is mattified up to 8 hours. Its unique formula combines selected active ingredients:
Pure Lemon Essence to clarify the skin and help remove dullness. 
Oil - Trapping Technology to help reduce excess oil and control sebum for an 8 hours shine free look.
  Its ultra light texture is non greasy, non sticky and absorbs quickly into the skin for an all day comfort and shine free look. Use Garnier whenever possible, carefully extracted nature-based active ingredients. Garnier products are Dermatologically tested for their tolerance and efficacy of products is proven. 
Price : Approx 200 INR
Quantity :40 ML
Made in Indonesia
My Opinion:

The Formula is of Mousse like and it has a very strong fragrance of Lemon. It comes in a Tube form which is quite light weighted and travel friendly, I use this cream almost everyday both on my face and neck, I really like the lemon essence smell, the cream is oil free,non greasy texture and can be easily applied. I don’t think it reduces the spots but it does lessen them up. But, with the price of the product, even a tiny improvement is also beyond expectation.

Well, it doesn’t mattifies my skin for 8 hours as written but It does for 4-5 hours which is pretty OKAY. Also I have to make sure that I use a very tiny bit, otherwise it can leave a white layer on the skin which can look flaky.

Overall I can say that this product cannot be used by those who have dry skin and those who have darker complexions.
Plus point is that it is available across the globe, travel friendly , can be worn under foundation does have SPF 15, Brightens up the face instantly also it does leaves a lemon fragrance even after washing which I sort of like it.

So yeah, thumbs up for this product :)

LBA Rating: 3.5/5

Keep Reading and do comment your experience with the product, if any.