Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Some Bad Beauty Habits needs to be eradicated.

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Sharing with you all some Bad Beauty Habits which needs to be rectified. 

These 5 bad beauty habits are camouflaged because their effects on your body come from the tiniest detail that you would not know about unless you are a beauty specialist. Become a specialist with your own body and learn how to break these 5 bad beauty habits.

Filing Your Nails Can Cause Damage

Experts say ,You should never use a nail file that is made out of metal. The metal files are too hard and can cause nails to become brittle and break. Using a crystal file or one that feels fairly smooth, which means it has a high grit, can keep your nails from becoming cracked or chipped. You should always file your nails in an up and down motion. Filing your nails side-to-side causes them to tear. Break this bad beauty habit before you break your nails off!

Long Bathing and Leg Shaving Do Not Mix

Shaving your legs is always a chore. It becomes even more of a hassle when you realize that your shaving didn't take all of the hair away. Don’t leave the house in your trendy high-low skirt with stubbly, half-shaven legs! Break this bad habit by following some simple leg-shaving rules. You should shave your legs within the first 5 minutes of taking a bath or a shower. Skin tends to swell and wrinkle after 10 minutes of being in water which can be the cause of the remaining hair on your legs. The razor can’t glide as easily over the skin or reach the base of the hair to leave you with a smooth, soft finish.

Is Your Face Lotion Richer Than Chocolate Cake?

Did you notice that your face is becoming oilier ? If so, your face lotion might be the problem. Most women have combination skin. This means that you don’t need a ton to your face is if your skin is extremely dry and leads to noticeable dry skin. Using a hydrating spray mist or a light face lotion will prevent pores from clogging and sudden breakouts.

Perfume Sprays Can Equal Hair That Frays

hick and rich face lotion to apply to your delicate cheeks. One of the only times you should apply really rich loti
When you know your hair smells good, it makes you want to wave your locks from side to side like your posing in a photo shoot. The Herbal Essences commercials are prime examples of what “great-smelling-hair moves” should look like. Unfortunately, having hair that has a wonderful scent that is not caused from your shampoo or conditioner can actually be drying it out. Spraying hair perfume directly on your beautiful strands soaks them in alcohol leaving them damaged and easy to break. Perfume should be sprayed on your hands or wrists, let dry for a few seconds, and then be applied to the hair. The scent will still cling onto your locks, but the alcohol won’t.

Be Clear on What You Want to Drink

After drinking coffee and soda, your teeth might start to become a little yellow over time. Yellowing teeth is not something that you can quickly see happening. After so many years of drinking dark liquids that can stain your teeth, you will start to see a change. Prevent that change from happening right now by watching what you consume. If you are someone who drinks dark liquids daily, cut back to only having those beverages three times a week. If you go out to dinner, try substituting drinks for a glass of juice, butter milk etc. Substituting all of these dark-colored beverages for just plain water is the best alternative.

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