Sunday, 17 March 2013

ALMAY TLC Truly Lasting Color Makeup in the shade tan 09 340

ALMAY TLC Truly Lasting Color Makeup in the shade tan 09 340

Hey Everyone !!!!!!

Hope you all are doing incredible!! How’s your Sunday going guys?? Mine is going xtreme quick. Today let’s talk about one of the most frequently used product, I am certain every female uses this like on a daily basis…Yeahhh… it’s a foundation.Foundations are available as liquid, mineral, powder, cream used for sheer, moderate or full coverage.

Foundation has come a long way since our mom's day, when varieties were restricted and most foundations were thick, unmanageable creams. These days, there are many types of foundation available, from thick creams with the consistency of concealer to light-as-air tinted moisturizers which create an even skin tone while creating just a hint of color.

Foundations should do more than even out skin tones and conceal blemishes; it should also actually help your skin appear dewier, stronger and healthier.
So ladies do a comparison to find the best makeup for your skin by heading to a department store or drug store makeup counter and try several types.

Company claims

TLC Truly Lasting Color Makeup with SPF 15 delivers up to 16 hours of flawless coverage that won't rub off-even in heat and humidity. Plus, it nourishes your skin with a blend of green tea to protect, vitamin E to help smooth, and lemon extract to brighten...for all day, natural radiance.


The Almay TLC Truly Lasting Color Makeup was a recent purchase for me as I wanted a liquid makeup that could be delivered by pump action and this fit the bill perfectly. 

It gives great coverage, hydrates my face all day and makes my skin feel velvety and smooth while it is on.  I LOVE Almay's TLC 16 hour makeup! This makeup is supposedly skin nourishing and meant for long wear. The bottle also says that this product contains SPF 15. Even though I don’t use it every day, it’s good to have a cheap and good back up foundation for the days where I don’t want to look like I put too much makeup on. Almay was the only brand I could find that was completely oil free and promised not to clog pores. Can't beat the price, either! Very happy with this product.

Price : $12.49 for 30 ML (Standard foundation Quantity)

·         It comes in a liquid so the easiest way to apply it without getting your hands all messy ,the handy pump allows just the right amount to dispense onto my makeup sponge
·         Good Pigmentation and an incredible foundation at a cheap price!
·         I have put it on 6 in the morning and taken it off at evening and the cotton pads I used are covered with foundation, which is great because that means it lasted all day through eating, touching, and sweating.
·         The color blends really well with your skin tone.
·         Gives you a natural coverage
·         Varieties to choose from.


·         It's a little sticky and clings and remains on your fingers for some time after application to face, brushes are of no use with this product..better to use a sponge / Blender.

LBA Rating: 4/5 ( 1 rating is been deducted because I have to carry sponge all the time if I have to use it)

Would I recommend: Yes of course, but remember whatever product suits me well may/may not suit you..As I said earlier do a comparison /check for the products which suit your skin type and texture.

Thanks for reading my opinion on this product!


Look Beautiful Always J


  1. seems to be a grt product...
    i like foundations with medium coverage!!

    1. it is ...go ahead if you want a natural coverage...but i doubt whether it is avialable in india